Re: EIA/TIA-232

From: Andre Fachat (
Date: 1998-03-24 18:04:14

MagerValp wrote:
> Do the PETs have rs-232 routines in ROM like the C64? What's the max


> baud rate? Is the pinout for the user port identical to the user port


> on the C64? Any good terminal programs available? Is prlink my only

> hope of connecting a 8032 with the rest of the world? Any good source

Yes - except you have an IEEE488 disk drive.

> for +12V in an SX? In an 8032-SK?

No (as far as I can remember)

>   I'm shopping for MAX ICs :)

Well, you would have to roll your own RS232 routines. Remember,
the PET has _no_ NMI source.

for pointers to faq and docs. Please do not link this
page yet. 

To all: I haven't heard any comments on this page so far, what do you 
think about it? Is it ok, should I trash it? (The web server is long up 


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