Datasette (Was: New toy)

From: Christian Bauer (
Date: 1998-03-22 21:48:32

MagerValp <MagerValp@Goth.Org> schrieb:

> Well, if you put it that way :) We had this great program though, that
> presented the data read from the cassette on the screen as black
> squiggly lines on a red background. Made it really easy to align the
> drives...

My datasette (not an original Commodore one but a "clone") had a
built-in piezo speaker. With some practice, I was able to realign the
tape by listening to the noises while turning the screw. You could even
press "Play" and "Rewind" or "Fast forward" together and listen to the
data while skipping to the next program (this was more accurate than
the counter, which I never used).


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