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From: Christian Bauer (
Date: 1998-03-22 21:09:51

MagerValp <MagerValp@Goth.Org> schrieb:

> Christian> My 8032 came with a manual (or "Bedienungshandbuch" :-)
> Ah. It's something like this that I was looking for. You wouldn't
> happen to have any plans of scanning it, would you? :)

Unfortunately I don't have a scanner and it's a bit long to type it
(200 pages :-).

> Didn't know
> that there was a built-in monitor. Is there a more convenient way of
> starting it than poke32768,0:sys32768? :)

The manual recommends
  sys 1024 (for "entry via breakpoint")
  sys 54386 (for "entry by call")

> What commands are available?

Not many:
  M xxxx yyyy - Dump memory
  R - Display registers
  G xxxx - Start execution
  X - Exit
  L "file",xx - Load program (without a way to specify a load address this
doesn't make much sense to me)
  S "file",xx,yyyy,zzzz - Save program


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