Re: New toy

From: Andre Fachat (
Date: 1998-03-22 10:22:01

Larry Anderson & Diane Hare wrote:
> common to locate nowadays.  If you find a Commodore 4040, 2031 or MSD
> SD-1 or SD-2, you may want to get it, they are format comaptible with
> the Commodore 1540/1541/1571 (VIC/64/+4/128) drives and makes file
> transferring much less of a pain.

The 4040 is only read-compatible. The write-gap between sectors is different.
Don't know about the 2031. If it's a VC1541 made to use IEEE488 it's ok,
but I don't think so. 

On my homepage is a way to make the VC1541 use an IEEE488 interface,
from the 64er magazin.


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