Re: disassembly

From: Frank Kontros (
Date: 1998-03-16 02:50:45


>I wonder what do people suggest for disassembly?
>Every time I've done this, always find myself starting with a routine I
>wish to learn about.  And then I follow all the parts, follow all the
>JSRs, and it is precarious to remember where you started.  Never found a
>solution.  Perhaps there isn't one.  Is there any program that marks where
>you started, so you get get back in a moment, with no more than one or two
>keystrokes to get to your initial position?  Typing Dxxxx +[return] each
>time is a little slow. 

Have you heard about 'Codeparsuer' program? It is possible with it disass
any prg (under ROM's too) in two columns, and trace subroutines (backward
too :). Man can also use 10 marks for different addr's and many much more.
Nice tool for disassembling and analyzing.


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