Re: VIC-registers
Date: 1998-03-03 19:50:41

Hallo Marko,

> I thought that you were talking about internal modifications.  I 
> didn't
> realize that you were going to tap these addresses with external 
> decoding.

Sorry I didn't mention this fact. I always try to make designs which 
leave the original platform as original as possible. In this way 
people who are not so good with the soldering tool as us can bennefit 
from our ideas as well. 

Hallo Andrew,

> A text editor?  Or are you referring to assembly?
> What environment was the editor for?

I make all my ASM-files with a text editor. In this case the 
WordPerfect Office Editor 3.1. And this editor can a lot but not 
jumping to addresses :-( I think you already guesed the enviroment 
I'm working in. (No, not Win$ows)

Groetjes, Ruud

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