Re: VICE debugging (was: Re: PET 8032 editor ROM)

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 1998-02-24 18:23:10

> I would chime in with my voice to request trapping access to a particular
> range of addresses as being a *major* improvement.

Also single-stepping in the machine language monitor would be a very
useful feature, maybe with the option of executing jsr statements
atomically (just like the "n" command in gdb). 

It should be possible to distinguish between read and write accesses. 
Many VIC-20 cartridge games have nasty ROM protections (i.e. they try to
overwrite themselves).  Luckily I have the source code of a VIC-20
emulator (other than VICE), and I could modify it to crack the nastiest
protections.  This emulator doesn't have any machine language monitor, and
I had to add some printf statements that printed out the op code and the
parameters.  Not very user-friendly, and it caused megabytes of data per
emulated second. :-)


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