PET 8032 editor ROM

From: Marko Mäkelä (Marko.Makela_at_HUT.FI)
Date: 1998-02-22 18:49:25

Hello, all!

I hope that the mailing list works again.  There were some problems
with it a few days ago, making it impossible to send messages to the
list.  I received one error message for an article not posted by
myself.  The error message didn't reveal who the sender was, so
whoever it was, please send your message again.

André Fachat notified me that the ROMs included with VICE have
different editor ROMs from the ones that were in FUNET's ROM
collection.  I noticed that the 4032 editor ROM differed only by one
byte, and assumed that the copy in VICE is the correct one, because
FUNET's copy was documented to be reconstructed.  But the 8032 editor
ROM is causing some trouble.  I saved VICE's version as
because it only has 12 different bytes from the 901474-04 ROM image
that was already on FUNET.  All differences are after $e720, right
after the dL"*^Mrun^M thing.  Does anyone know what the bytes are used
for?  For the CRTC initialization perhaps?


P.S.: The URL of the C64-IDE interface was posted in comp.sys.cbm a
few days ago.  The interface has some ROM and RAM, and it plugs to the
cartridge port.  According to the documentation on the page, the file
system is incompatible with everything, and the system works by hooking
some BASIC vectors.  But it is an interesting product anyway.

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