Re: Example
Date: 1998-02-18 21:10:49

Hallo Andrew, Pasi,

> > is a short between D4 and another data line (or ground).
> [..]
> > Eh, eh, eh eh, bit 3.... :-)
> D3, bit 4, whatever :-)
> Just a thing that occurred to me is that it could be
> possible that the cartridge port has just accumulated
> some bad habits like getting some sticky stuff or
> oxidised.. Cleaning the REU contacts and inserting/removing
> it a couple of times might do the trick, if it's not
> the DRAM that has gone bad..
> -Pasi
> -- 
> "You forgot the first rule of a fanatic. When you become obsessed
>  with the enemy, you *become* the enemy."
>   -- Sinclair to 'Tular' in Babylon 5:"Infection"

The thought rised that it cannot be the REU itself. If D3 of the port was bad, 
the C64/128 would strike as well. You must check the read/write registers by 
reading the value you just wrote to them. If bit 3 is faulty, the main IC is 
damaged meaning you can say goodbye to your REU. But I doubt that because it 
does swap/read/load memory. So my personal main suspect is a bad RAM-IC. This 
is a 41256 or equivalent. If you cannot get it, I'll send you one.

Groetjes, Ruud

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