Reu... term program

From: Andrew Vardy (
Date: 1998-02-16 21:35:50


Not sure what forum is good.  This forum isn't mostly for PET users, eh?
But here goes.

I have the past few days noticed an anomaly.  I left my computer on
overnight, and Dialogue term left there.  Come back, and look in the
buffers, and they are gibberish.  It's like a new language.

Actually, I've just fooled around with it now, and I think it happens
right away.  You see Dialogue can use REU for buffer content.  So, some
text in one buffer.  I come back again, and it's not the same.  I think it
stores the current buffer in memory, and has ALL buffers in the REU.

So when I switch from one back to the first one, I find gibberish.  I
tested, and typed the following:


So, when I come back, it looks like


Guys, what do you think?

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