Re: Two new PRGs

From: Andre Fachat (
Date: 1998-02-16 11:15:41 wrote:
> Idon't fully understand that. Explain and I'll program it. My PRG can read a 
> what I call 'directive' file. It contains extra commands for the disassembler.
> Here is my DIR file for the SYSTEM-ROM of a C64 with a IEEE inteface:
> NAME 6821
> FILE basic.rom $A000
> EXCL $C000 $DFFF          RAM and I/O area
> MOVE $E3A2 $E3B9 $0073    CHRGET-routine
> EXAM $F34A

Can you add comments to your disassembly with this file too?
(like recomment does, it also reads a special file with hints and comments
and variable names and produces nice, clickable html output)
with example output in

> The ASTERIX command means to translate all addresses since last label as "label 
> + x":

This is something recomment does not. 
But I like its ability to detect a lot of tables and stuff by itself,
without hints.


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