From: Andre Fachat (
Date: 1998-02-12 13:31:29

Following the discussion in cbm-hackers and having the need to use 
such a thing, I have patched Jouko's "recomment" perl script. 
It is now better usable and produces really nice output 
(Marko, I really learned hating perl again, but before I switch
to d65, it should be now as least as good ;-))

What I really like is the adding of comments and the nice 
html output. Also it produces xa65 source files :-))
(Only my assembler shortens three-byte opcodes to two-byte opcodes
when possible, i.e. two-byte opcode available and address in the 
zeropage, so I get different results)
Relocating doesn't really work, as no "LDA #<address:LDY #>address" 
stuff is detected.

Have a look at

I have not referenced it otherwise so far, because I want to hear 
Jouko's comments first. 


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