Re: 4040 Error
Date: 1998-01-11 08:06:00

Aan 17-12-97 6:08, in bericht <>, schreef:

> I recently picked up a CBM 4040 drive (along with some other PET 
> goodies) all in fabulous condition. When connecting the 4040 I got 
> a 10 flash error via the LED's. I found a table in the PET Faq 
> that said it was one of two or both chips the 6504's rom or the 
> 6530's rom. 
> My questions are has anyone had this problem and remedied it? I 
> was thinking the chips may be bad and would like to dump the ROMs 
> in those chips, but cannot figure out the address to see them.
> If the chips are bad, i am crossing my fingers they are not. Can 
> you still buy a 6504 and 6530 controller? :-)
> Doug

Unfortunally either your 6504 (the processor) or the 6530 are damaged. There is 
a smal chance that they are not working due to oxidated (good english ???) 
connections. You can fix that problem by pulling the ICs out of their sockets 
and put them back again. 
If the 6504 is broken, you could try to replace it with a 6502 using a 
'verloopvoetje' (I don't know the english word at all :-(, just rewire a 28 and 
40 pins socket). If the 6530 is the problem, then read my article about the KIM 
Fortunally I do have the complete sourcecode of the 4040 drive but only on 
paper. In the worst case we replace the 6530 by a 6532 and an EPROM.

Groetjes, Ruud

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