VIC-20 Digital Archaeology project

From: Marko Mäkelä (Marko.Makela_at_HUT.FI)
Date: 1998-01-03 12:54:15

Hello all!

The VIC-20 enthusiasts on this list have probably heard about Ward
Shrake and Paul LeBrasse, who have composed a list of all produced
VIC-20 cartridges and archived them.  The fruits of this work are
available from <URL:>.  During the
Christmas break I converted the VIC-20 cartridge list and the
cartridge reviews to HTML, with links to the ROM images and reviews.
You can find this list at

Now that almost all known cartridges have been archived, Ward and Paul
are starting another phase of the project: scanning the instructions,
cartridge covers, box art and whatever.  Ward is looking forward to
create a CD-ROM from all this stuff, maybe by next Christmas.  The
stuff will probably also be available on, if it doesn't
use up too much disk space.

If there are any VIC-20 enthusiasts on this list who have access to a
flatbed scanner or to some VIC-20 stuff, please report to Ward, Paul
and me.  Also, if you are interested in the CD, you can drop Ward a
line.  But the CD will be made anyway, regardless of interest; it's a
non-profit hobby project.


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